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Narrative Chem

A distributor of chemical products with more than 35 years of experience in logistics and regulations.


Narrative Chem has a deep understanding of the chemical market. We provide professional consultation and advice on strategies, logistics and regulations to help you navigate this particular business.

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Narrative Chem is the sole distributor of the Synsol-products in the Nordic market. The Synsol series are all isoparaffine based in different boiling point ranges and uses. We offer clean, odourless, aromatic-free and environmentally friendly products with low pour point. The Synsol-series are all competitive alternatives to n-paraffines and naphtenics (D60, D80 and D100).

Contact: +46 70 264 22 23 |

Narrative Web

We deliver responsive websites with flexible themes. Choose start-up help or full service alternatives, or both.


Pick one of our modern, responsive themes and we will install it (on your web hosting or ours), prepare the WordPress environment for you and give you the keys to continue building your site.

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We help you construct and adjust your website theme including colors, logo, images, structure, content, SEO and statistics. If you want more controll of the WordPress environment and content we offer training sessions for WordPress and Photoshop.

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A service package including our web hosting, access to complete library of responsive themes and plug-ins combined with on-going technical support, making sure your environment and themes are always up to date, functional and back-upped. All this for a small monthly fee.

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